Carbon Reduction and Clean Coal Focus Center

Carbon Reduction and Clean Coal Focus Center (CRCCFC) plays an important role on energy policy, not only the usage of coals produces contamination residues but also coal is considered an ideal power source nowadays due to its abundance in reserves, stable supply and inexpensive price relative to oil and gas. In order to reduce the contamination, development of carbon reduction and clean coal technologies, such as CO2 capture, storage and utilization (CCSU) and advanced combustion system technologies are included in projects of CRCCFC.



  • Development of CCSU technologies and establishment of CCSU industries.
  • Advancement of combustion systems.
  • Cooperation among industry, academia and research institute thus to build up pilot plants near large CO2 emission sources.
  • Promotion of international collaborations.



  • Develop CO2 capture technologies; build up pilot plants at or near large CO2 emission sources; weaken the energy consumption and cost.
  • Conduct site investigation and CO2 storage capacity assessment; develop monitoring techniques for CO2 injection and geological storage; evaluate risk and safety of the long-term storage.
  • Develop the technologies of CO2 utilization including the direct use and conversion of CO2; assist the industry to involve in the CO2 utilization.
  • Develop advanced combustion systems; build up pilot plants of advanced combustion system; plan for establishment of energy integration and multiple applications system among industries of power generation and else.
  • Set appropriate target for CO2 emissions reduction, perform strategic environmental assessment on CCSU policies and offer assistance in legislation, management and public communication.


Structure – Industries for zero CO2 emission